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The Canadian Genocide

Chronology of Events: 

1857: The Gradual Civilization Act is passed by the Legislature of Upper Canada, permanently disenfranchising all Indian and Metis peoples, and placing them in a separate, inferior legal category than citizens.
1874: The Indian Act is passed in Canada’s Parliament, incorporating the inferior social status of native people into its language and provisions. Aboriginals are henceforth imprisoned on reserve lands and are legal wards of the state.
1884: Legislation is passed in Ottawa creating a system of state-funded, church administered Indian Residential Schools.
1905: Over one hundred residential schools are in existence across Canada, 60% of them run by the Roman Catholics.
1907: Dr. Peter Bryce, Medical Inspector for the Department of Indian Affairs, tours the residential schools of western Canada and British Columbia and writes a scathing report on the "criminal" health conditions there. Bryce reports that native children are being deliberately infected with diseases like tuberculosis, and are left to die untreated, as a regular practice. He cites an average death rate of 40% in the residential schools.
November 15, 1907: Bryce’s report is quoted in The Ottawa Citizen’s headline.
1908-1909: Duncan Campbell Scott, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, suppresses Bryce’s report and conducts a smear and cover-up campaign regarding its findings. Bryce is expelled from the civil service.
November, 1910: A joint agreement between the federal government and the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist churches establishes the structure of Indian Residential Schools and the contractual obligations of churches running them. Duncan Campbell Scott refers to the policy of the government as that of seeking a “final solution to the Indian Problem”.
May, 1919: Despite an escalating death rate of Indian children in residential schools from tuberculosis - in some cases as high as 75% - Duncan Campbell Scott abolishes the post of Medical Inspector for Indian residential schools. Within two years, deaths due to tuberculosis have tripled in residential schools.
1920: Federal legislation makes it mandatory for every Indian child to be sent to residential schools upon reaching seven years of age.
1928: Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in Alberta, allowing any inmate of a native residential school to be sterilized upon the approval of the school Principal. At least 3,500 Indian women are sterilized under this law.
1933: An identical Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in British Columbia. Two major sterilization centres are established by The United Church of Canada on the west coast, in Bella Bella and Nanaimo, in which thousands of native men and women are sterilized by missionary doctors until the 1980’s.
1933: Residential school Principals are made the legal guardians of all native students, under the oversight of the federal Department of Mines and Resources. Every native parent is forced by law to surrender legal custody of their children to the Principal - a church employee - or face imprisonment.
1938: Attempt by the federal government to close all residential schools and incorporate Indian children into public schools is defeated by pressure brought by Catholic and Protestant church leaders.
1946: Project Paperclip - a CIA program utilizing ex-Nazi researchers in medical, biological warfare and mind control experiments - uses native children from Canadian residential schools as involuntary test subjects, under agreements with the Catholic, Anglican and United churches. These illegal tests continue until the 1970’s.
1948 - 1969: Offshoot programs of Project Paperclip are established in United Church and government hospitals in Nanaimo, Brannen Lake, Sardis, Bella Bella, Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia; in Red Deer and Ponoka, Alberta; and at the Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital in Thunder Bay, Ontario. All of these programs use native children abducted from reserves, foster homes, and residential schools, with the full knowledge of church, police and Indian Affairs officials.
1969: Indian Affairs Minister Jean Chretien tables his White Paper in Parliament, which reaffirms the "assimilationist" policy of the past century that denies sovereignty and equal status to native nations. As a token gesture, Chretien assigns a limited control over Indian education to local, state-funded band councils. Many residential schools are phased out altogether or simply taken over by band councils.
1984: The last Indian residential school is closed, in northern British Columbia.
1990: State-funded leaders of the Assembly of First Nations discuss “abuses” in residential schools for the first time publicly.
1994-95: Eyewitnesses to murders at the United Church’s Alberni residential school speak out publicly, from the pulpit of Reverend Kevin Annett in Port Alberni. Annett is summarily fired without cause within a month, and is expelled from United Church ministry without due process during 1996.
February, 1996: The first class action lawsuit of Alberni residential school survivors is brought against the United Church of Canada and the federal government. The church responds with a counter-suit and an attempted “gag order” on Kevin Annett, which fails.
1996-7: Further evidence of murder, sterilisations and other atrocities at coastal residential schools are documented by Kevin Annett and native activists in public forums in Vancouver. The number of lawsuits brought against the churches and government by residential school survivors climbs to over 5,000 across Canada.
June 12-14, 1998: The first independent Tribunal into Canadian residential schools is convened in Vancouver by IHRAAM (International Human Rights Association of American Minorities), an affiliate of the United Nations. Evidence is submitted by dozens of aboriginal witnesses to crimes against humanity. The Tribunal concludes that the government of Canada and the Catholic, United and Anglican churches are guilty of complicity in Genocide, and recommends to the United Nations that a War Crimes investigation be held.
1998-1999: Under strong pressure from the government of Canada, the United Nations refuses to act on IHRAAM’s recommendation. Further evidence and reports of Genocide in residential schools is blacked out of the mainstream media across Canada. A concerted smear and misinformation campaign is launched by the United Church and the RCMP against Kevin Annett and his network’s efforts to document and expose genocidal practices by church and state in Canada.
October, 1998: The Vancouver Province reports the admission of United Church lawyers that their church has engaged in a joint cover-up with the federal government of crimes committed at its Alberni Indian residential school since at least 1960.
January, 1999: The New Internationalist magazine in Great Britain reports the findings of the IHRAAM Tribunal, including the evidence of murder in Canadian residential schools, but is subsequently threatened and silenced by United Church and Canadian government lawyers.
February, 2000: The number of lawsuits brought by residential school survivors climbs to over 10,000. The federal government introduces legislation limiting the number of such lawsuits. It also announces that it will assume primary financial responsibility both for residential school damages and the legal expenses of the churches which ran the schools, despite the fact that Canadian courts have ruled that the churches bear either a majority or an equal responsibility for crimes at the schools.
April, 2000: The federal Health Department admits that it used native children from four residential schools, including Port Alberni, in medical experiments during the 1940’s and ‘50’s, including the deliberate denial of vitamins and dental care to them to study the effects. (The Vancouver Sun, April 26, 2000)
August, 2000: The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada is formed in Vancouver by forty-eight native and non-native activists, with Kevin Annett as its Secretary. Its mandate is to carry on the work of the IHRAAM Tribunal, and bring charges of Genocide against churches, the RCMP and the government of Canada.
February, 2001: The Truth Commission publishes its six year study of Genocide in Canada, “Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust”. A second edition is published in June. Efforts by the United Church to legally prevent its publication fail.
September-October, 2001: Judicial decisions in British Columbia and Manitoba deny the claims of residential school survivors that genocide was practiced, absolve the churches of any direct responsibility for damages, and block any future lawsuits from claims older than thirty years, when most residential schools were closed more than thirty years ago. (!)
October, 2001: New eyewitnesses come forward with first-hand evidence that native children are being used in west coast pedophile rings involving senior judges, politicians, church and aboriginal leaders. One of these pedophile networks operates out of the prestigious Vancouver Club.
December 15, 2001 - The Roman Catholic Church discloses that it hired a known and convicted sex offender and murderer, Martin Saxey, to work as a dormitory supervisor at its Christie Indian Residential School in Tofino, British Columbia, during the 1960's. Saxey subsequently raped and terrorized children at this school without ever being reprimanded or prosecuted.
April 27, 2002 - The first television documentary featuring eyewitnesses to murders in Canadian Indian Residential Schools is broadcast in Vancouver, on CTV's "First Story" program. The show is aired simultaneously in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Halifax. Rev. Kevin Annett and native survivors of genocide give their stories. On the same program, United Church official Brian Thorpe admits for the first time that criminal actions occured in his church's residential schools, validating the claims made by Rev. Annett, which had caused him to be expelled from the United Church in 1997 by Thorpe and others.
July 22, 2002 - A gag order in the form of a defamation lawsuit is brought by the government of Canada against Rev. Annett and others through its paid agent, Chief Edward John of the state-funded First Nations Summit.
The lawsuit seeks an injunction banning Rev. Annett from discussing the allegations of secret land deals, murder, drug trafficking and pedophilia made against Chief John and other state-funded native chiefs by members of his own tribal council, Frank Martin and Helen Michel. Chief John's lawsuit is handled by Queen's Counsel Marvin Storrow of Blake, Cassels and Graydon law firm in Vancouver. Storrow is a personal friend and legal counsel to Prime Minister Jean Chretien.
August 22, 2002 - Although Rev. Annett was never notified or subpoenaed, the lawsuit goes ahead and Ed John wins his injunction against Rev. Annett in the British Columbia Supreme Court. The injunction is granted by Judge James Taylor, who on behalf of the Law Society of BC helped disbar lawyer Jack Cram in April, 1994 after Cram had made similar allegations as Rev. Annett concerning possible pedophilia and corruption among judges and politicians in BC involving native children.
September-October, 2002 - Despite the injunction banning his constitutional freedom of speech, Rev. Annett continues to refer publicly to the allegations against Ed John and the conflict of interest of Judge Taylor, over Annett's radio program, Hidden From History, in Vancouver.
October 18, 2002 - A Restraining Order against Rev. Annett is issued by Judge Taylor, who also bans native eyewitnesses Frank Martin and Helen Michel from discussing their evidence about Ed John, and strikes their statements from all BC court records. Judge Taylor also indicates his intention to seek a banning of Rev. Annett's book on genocide in Canada, "Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust".
November 1, 2002 - Rev. Annett's latest book, "Love and Death in the Valley", is published by First Books in the United States. Acting for Ed John, lawyer Marvin Storrow tries to prevent its publication, but fails.
Early December, 2002 - An all-party Parliamentary meeting in Ottawa discusses "Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust", and "hashes over how to deal with all the Indians who are starting to talk about murders in residential schools", according to a source who was present.
December 14, 2002 - A sheriff from the Port Coquitlam office of the Attorney-General attempts to serve court documents on Rev. Annett, but is unable to locate him. The documents are reported to be either a summary arrest warrant for Rev. Annett or a more severe Restraining Order.
December 18, 2002 - A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva confirms that the Commissioner will "probably" be sending an official investigator to Canada in the spring of 2003 to examine evidence of crimes against humanity committed against native peoples. She confirms that Prime Minister Jean Chretien could theoretically be summoned to publicly answer charges of complicity in Genocide.

  Truth and Reconciliation Commission


"How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look like wrong, and wrong look like right."

Black Hawk, Sauk

Gentle Readers, if you read this page to the end, and stay in the moment while doing so, you are to be congratulated. I know it is difficult to believe that Canada, a western democratic nation of such rich cultural diversity, a nation of highly respected global peacekeepers, carries shame and prejudice of this magnitude towards thousands and thousands of its own citizens. I sing you an honour song commending your bravery, compassion and willingness to honour my Grandmother in wanting to know what happened so that it can never happen again.

If this page causes any trauma to those Indigenous persons who survived a residential school, there is a crisis line number that you can call, 1-866-925-4419.

May Your Spirits Be Strong.


"There's no exact tally, but hundreds of First Nations children disappeared after b eing taken from their homes to attend residential schools from 1870 to the mid-1900s.  That's the most startling discovery for Murray SInclair, the Manitoba judge who is chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission examining the effects of residential schools on First Nations Communities.

"Missing children - that is the big surprise for me," SInclair said in an interview during a Toronto visit this week. "That such large numbers of children died at the schools. That the information of their deaths was not communicated back to their families."

Manitoba has a very large population of Indigenous people; isn't it odd that Manitoba's first Aboriginal judge, appointed to Manitoba's Court of Queen's Bench in January 2001, would have no idea of the death toll, and didn't or couldn't make the leap to a correlation between violent, hate-based crimes on such a huge scale and death. For thirty years, Judge Sinclair's main legal interests were civil, criminal and Aboriginal law!

The Star article goes on to say that the number of deaths are in the hundreds, when, the estimates have also been estimated at between 35%-60% of the 150,000 children who were kidnapped and savaged. 1909, Dr. Peter Bryce, general medical superintendent for Indian Affairs reported to the Ministry that between 1894-1908 the mortality rate in western Canadian residential schools was between 35%-60%. The statistic became public in 1922 (more about this below), That is between 52,500 - 90,000 children unaccounted for. Do we all really naively believe they died of natural causes?  Mass graves have already been discovered. It is our holocaust.

The good judge had a breakfast meeting with power brokers from universities, the media, business and banking at the National Club; "He said it's important for the story of the schools to spread from our educational system to the corridors of corporate power."

You think we haven't tried and tried? Who really wants to hear that our country and churches are responsible for so many innocent deaths.  Good luck with that, Judge Sinclair. Perhaps what might have been more compelling was to have some residential school survivors tell their story of humiliation, physical trauma and starvation over eggs benedict at the National Club; however, it probably would have required a set of squirm-proof chairs.


June 11, 2008, 1.00 p.m., Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood up in the House of Commons and offered a full apology on behalf of all Canadians to those Indegnous people who were part of over one hundred years of residential school atrocities. It was a landmark day in the history of Canada, for this was the first time a sitting Prime Minister apologized to the First Citizens of this country.





"Mr. Speaker, before I begin officially, let me just take a moment to acknowledge the role of certain colleagues here in the House of Commons in today's events. Although the responsibility for the apology is ultimately mine alone, there are several of my colleagues who do deserve the credit. First of all, for their hard work and professionalism, I want to thank both the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and his predecessor, now the Minister of Industry. Both of these gentlemen have been strong and passionate advocates not just of today's action, but also of the historic Indian residential schools settlement that our government has signed.

Second, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my former colleague from Cariboo—Chilcotin, Philip Mayfield, who for a very long time was a determined voice in our caucus for meaningful action on this sad episode of our history. Last, but certainly not least, I do want to thank my colleague, the leader of the New Democratic Party. For the past year and a half, he has spoken to me with regularity and great conviction on the need for this apology. His advice, given across party lines and in confidence, has been persuasive and has been greatly appreciated.

I stand before you today to offer an apology to former students of Indian residential schools. The treatment of children in these schools is a sad chapter in our history. For more than a century, Indian Residential Schools separated over 150,000 Aboriginal children from their families and communities. In the 1870’s, the federal government, partly in order to meet its obligation to educate Aboriginal children, began to play a role in the development and administration of these schools.

Two primary objectives of the Residential Schools system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture. These objectives were based on the assumption Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal. Indeed, some sought, as it was infamously said, "to kill the Indian in the child".  Today, we recognize that this policy of assimilation was wrong, has caused great harm, and has no place in our country.

One hundred and thirty-two federally-supported schools were located in every province and territory, except Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.  Most schools were operated as "joint ventures" with Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian or United Churches.  The Government of Canada built an educational system in which very young children were often forcibly removed from their homes, often taken far from their communities.  Many were inadequately fed, clothed and housed.  All were deprived of the care and nurturing of their parents, grandparents and communities. First Nations, Inuit and Métis languages and cultural practices were prohibited in these schools.  Tragically, some of these children died while attending residential schools and others never returned home.

The government now recognizes that the consequences of the Indian Residential Schools policy were profoundly negative and that this policy has had a lasting and damaging impact on Aboriginal culture, heritage and language.  While some former students have spoken positively about their experiences at residential schools, these stories are far overshadowed by tragic accounts of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse and neglect of helpless children, and their separation from powerless families and communities.

The legacy of Indian Residential Schools has contributed to social problems that continue to exist in many communities today.

It has taken extraordinary courage for the thousands of survivors that have come forward to speak publicly about the abuse they suffered.  It is a testament to their resilience as individuals and to the strength of their cultures.  Regrettably, many former students are not with us today and died never having received a full apology from the Government of Canada.

The government recognizes that the absence of an apology has been an impediment to healing and reconciliation.  Therefore, on behalf of the Government of Canada and all Canadians, I stand before you, in this Chamber so central to our life as a country, to apologize to Aboriginal peoples for Canada’s role in the Indian Residential Schools system.

To the approximately 80,000 living former students, and all family members and communities, the Government of Canada now recognizes that it was wrong to forcibly remove children from their homes and we apologize for having done this.  We now recognize that it was wrong to separate children from rich and vibrant cultures and traditions that it created a void in many lives and communities, and we apologize for having done this.  We now recognize that, in separating children from their families, we undermined the ability of many to adequately parent their own children and sowed the seeds for generations to follow, and we apologize for having done this.  We now recognize that, far too often, these institutions gave rise to abuse or neglect and were inadequately controlled, and we apologize for failing to protect you.  Not only did you suffer these abuses as children, but as you became parents, you were powerless to protect your own children from suffering the same experience, and for this we are sorry.

The burden of this experience has been on your shoulders for far too long.  The burden is properly ours as a Government, and as a country.  There is no place in Canada for the attitudes that inspired the Indian Residential Schools system to ever prevail again. You have been working on recovering from this experience for a long time and in a very real sense, we are now joining you on this journey. The Government of Canada sincerely apologizes and asks the forgiveness of the Aboriginal peoples of this country for failing them so profoundly. We are sorry.

In moving towards healing, reconciliation and resolution of the sad legacy of Indian Residential Schools, implementation of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement began on September 19, 2007. Years of work by survivors, communities, and Aboriginal organizations culminated in an agreement that gives us a new beginning and an opportunity to move forward together in partnership.

A cornerstone of the Settlement Agreement is the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  This Commission presents a unique opportunity to educate all Canadians on the Indian Residential Schools system.  It will be a positive step in forging a new relationship between Aboriginal peoples and other Canadians, a relationship based on the knowledge of our shared history, a respect for each other and a desire to move forward together with a renewed understanding that strong families, strong communities and vibrant cultures and traditions will contribute to a stronger Canada for all of us. God bless all of you. God bless our land."

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Liberation, Freedom, become your own leader Ponderings of a Mad Poet

 The stages of life on this planet  have seen many stagnant periods and possibly many reversals. The inherent superiority of the most flexible, adaptable, inclusive, and complex creatures, cultures, men and ideas always wins out. To seek these qualities is to achieve more liberation than any bizarre feat of renunciation or reorganization of political power is likely to create.
  I think it's a mistake to consider any belief more liberated or liberating than another. Perhaps only the possibility of change  is important.  Every form of liberation is destined to eventually become another form of enslavement for most of it's adherents.  There is no freedom from duality on this plane of existence, but one may at least aspire to choice of duality.
  Freeing behavior increases the possibilities of future action.  Limiting behaviour only narrow's your options.  I think the secret of freedom is not to be drawn into situations where one's number of alternatives becomes limited or down to just one.
  I think this is our most important lesson. And a most diffecult path to tread.  It means stepping out of one's own culture, society, relationships, family personality, beliefs, prejudices, opinions and ideas.  It is just these comforting chains which seem to giv e definition, meaning, character, and a sense of belonging to most people.  Yet, casting off one set of chains, one cannot avoid adopting another set, Unless one wishes to live in a very reduced and impoverished style--- which is a limitation.
  The solution???
  A person most become omnivorous.  What I mean is someone who can think, believe, or do any of a half dozen different things is more free and liberated than someone confined to only one activity, or idea or system of belief. Or a person that bases thier beliefs on a short list of things they have chosen as the only things worth trying.
  For this reason Sufi mystics were required to master a handful of secular trades in addition to thier occult studies.  And some of the most impeccable spirit warriors would take up habits.  Only to cast them off then move onto the next thing. Learning new lessons with each addiction mastered.
  Chief among the techniques of liberation are those which weaken the hold of society, convention, and habit over the initiate, and those which lead to a more expansive outlook.  
  I've heard alot of talk lately on who should be chosen to lead us as people.  I have a suggestion.  Perhaps it's time for us all to take the time ourselves to find out what it is to become Human.  And each one of us search for our own personal path.

To be continued.

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Birth of a White Buffalo

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If you can't Dazzle them with Brilliance Baffle them with Bullshit.


A close look at HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, and the claim that it's a superweapon.

Hold on tight, because the U.S. Government is using HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska. Some charge that this secret government project can modify the weather, creating hurricanes and typhoons; that it can create earthquakes and superheat the atmosphere; or even that it can destroy aircraft anywhere in the world; and control the minds of its victims. What do we say on Skeptoid when we hear stories that sound far fetched or implausible? Be skeptical.

Let's talk about the claims made about HAARP, but first let's talk about what it actually is and what exactly it's really capable of. First of all, there's nothing remotely secret or even classified about HAARP. No security clearance is needed to visit and tour the site, and HAARP usually holds an open house every summer during which anyone can see everything there. During the rest of the year, research is conducted. The universities that have participated in HAARP research include University of Alaska, Stanford, Penn State, Boston College, Dartmouth, Cornell, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts, MIT, Polytechnic University, UCLA, Clemson and the University of Tulsa. There are several other similar research stations around the world, namely the Sura facility in Russia, EISCAT in Norway, the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico, and the HIPAS observatory near Fairbanks, operated by UCLA. If you look at HAARP on Google Earth, you can see there's not much there, and the current view shows only four cars in the small parking lot.

HAARP consists of an observatory and an adjacent 28-acre field with 180 HF (high frequency) antennas, each 72 feet tall, with a maximum transmission power of 3600 kilowatts, about 75 times the power of a commercial radio station, but only a tiny fraction of the strength of the natural solar radiation striking the same part of the ionosphere at which HAARP is aimed. Although the observatory operates continuously, the HF antenna array is activated only rarely for specific experiments, which average about once a month.

Sadly for the conspiracy theorists, HAARP has no potential to affect weather. The frequency of energy that HAARP transmits cannot be absorbed by the troposphere or the stratosphere, only by the ionosphere, many kilometers higher than the highest atmospheric weather systems.

The ionosphere is created and replenished daily by solar radiation. At night, the level of ionization drops quickly to very low levels at lower altitudes of 50 to 100 miles, but at higher altitudes over 200 miles it takes most of the night for the ionization to disperse. During the night, when the natural ionosphere is minimal, HAARP is capable of creating a weak artificial aurora that can actually be observed by sensitive cameras at the observatory, though they are far too faint for the naked eye. During the daytime, solar radiation ionizes the ionosphere so powerfully that HAARP's weak artificial effects are the proverbial drop in the bucket, and are erased almost immediately when the transmitter is turned off.

You might ask "What's the point of HAARP?" If it's not to wreak global destruction, what good is it? Communication and navigation signals are sent through the atmosphere for a broad range of civilian and military purposes. Guided missiles rely on digital transmissions which can be affected or jammed by a whole variety of natural and artificial causes. Global Positioning System and encrypted communications all need to be able to make it to their recipients in wartime, regardless of the atmospheric and electromagnetic conditions. The study of these effects is the primary reason that DARPA, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Navy contribute to HAARP's funding. In addition, by bouncing signals off the ionosphere at at altitude of 100km, HAARP has been able to create Extremely Low Frequency, or ELF, waves as low as 1 Hertz, which can potentially be used for worldwide communication including reaching submarines, though at an almost uselessly slow data rate. But before you conclude that these ELF waves might be used for creating earthquakes, note that the maximum ELF signal amplitude produced by HAARP has been measured at less than one ten-millionth of the Earth's natural background field.

So if HAARP is so anticlimactically mundane, why all the conspiracy theories? HAARP is operated by MarshCreek, LLC, an Alaska Native Corporation under contract to the Office of Naval Research. Anytime the ONR or DARPA or the military have their hand in something, paranoid types tend to come out of the woodwork and blame anything they can imagine on it. So regardless of whether HAARP is in the atmospheric research business or the rubber duckie business, they were pretty much doomed to conspiracy charges from the beginning.

But there is also a secondary reason that HAARP has been suspected of deeper, darker purposes, and it goes back to its early construction. The winning contractor to build HAARP was ARCO Power Technologies, or APTI. ARCO has historically been one of Alaska's largest employers and they initially set up APTI as a subsidiary to construct power plants using Alaska's vast natural gas reserves. One scientist employed at APTI was Dr. Bernard Eastlund, a physicist of some note. Among Dr. Eastlund's accomplishments was the co-invention of the fusion torch, and the original owner of a 1985 U.S. patent on a "Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere." Dr. Eastlund's method required a location near the poles, where the lines of the Earth's magnetic field are more or less perpendicular to the surface, like Alaska, and presumed a natural gas power source. A few years later, the HAARP program began. A coincidence? No way, say the conspiracy theorists.

It seems logical to me that if I were ARCO and wanted to get in on a lucrative government construction contract and sell them my Alaskan natural gas, I might well set up a subsidiary with one of the world's leading experts in the field. To me this looks like a smart business move by ARCO and by the government; how it would suggest an evil conspiracy to destroy the world, I'm just not seeing that.

Dr. Eastlund's patent, which has since become popularly known (though inaccurately) as the "HAARP patent", is widely reproduced online, often with much commentary from authors making their own interpretations of how it might be used. Specifically, the patent involves using natural gas to generate electricity to create electromagnetic radiation to excite a tiny section of the ionosphere to about 2 electron volts, thus moving it upward along the lines of the magnetic field. The conspiracy theorists, once again, completely ignore the fact that this can only happen in the ionosphere, and they interpret it as a weather control system or earthquake generating system. Such extrapolations are without any plausible foundation.

A further disconnect in this conspiracy claim is that Dr. Eastlund's patent was for a speculative and unproven device approximately one million times as powerful as HAARP. The patent does not mention HAARP, and none of its drawings remotely resemble anything built at HAARP. For perspective, HAARP's antenna array measures about 1000 feet on a side. A device such as that imagined by Dr. Eastlund would have been 14 miles on a side, with one million antenna elements, compared to HAARP's 180. Furthermore, Dr. Eastlund left APTI to found his own company before the HAARP program began, and was never associated with the program.

One of the most vocal critics of HAARP is Nick Begich, son of the late Alaskan congressman of the same name. He writes as Dr. Nick Begich, but his Ph.D. is in traditional medicine and was purchased via mail from the unaccredited Open International University in India, and included no coursework or curriculum. Begich is a proponent of a number of new age energy healing techniques of his own invention. In 1995 he self-published Angels Don't Play This HAARP. This book kick-started many of the popular rumors about HAARP, including that mass mind control is one of its goals.

A conspiracy theorist named Benjamin Fulford has made some YouTube videos charging that HAARP is responsible for most of the severe earthquakes around the world, and that the United States threatens nations like Japan with earthquakes if they don't "do what we want". He believes that HAARP accomplishes this by heating up water in the atmosphere the same way that a microwave oven does, though he is not clear on how warming a tiny patch of upper atmosphere in Alaska would cause an earthquake in Asia with pinpoint precision. There is no known correlation between temperature and earthquakes. Fulford's microwave theory is also wide of the mark. HAARP's maximum frequency is 10 MHz, and the dielectric heating effect of a microwave oven requires 2.5 GHz, or 250 times higher than HAARP. Dielectric heating also requires reversing the polarity of the field more than a million times a second, one thousand times HAARP's fastest frequency. A note to conspiracy theorists: At least pretend to know what you're talking about.

Fulford bolsters his claim with some beautiful video of dramatically illuminated clouds, which he calls "earthquake lights" and believes constitutes evidence that HAARP caused the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China. In fact these are simply clouds illuminated by the sun after it has dipped below the horizon, and are quite common.

One of the more colorful HAARP conspiracy theorists is a woman on YouTube who goes by the name "dbootsthediva", lately more commonly known as "the crazy sprinkler lady". Her YouTube page contains about 50 videos she has made of her house and yard, with her making commentary about how HAARP is responsible for virtually every little thing she sees — everything from a rainbow in her sprinklers, to a moiré pattern on the clapboard siding of her house, to moving the ground under her feet and causing the picture to shake. She manages to see HAARP's alleged affects wherever and whenever she looks, despite the fact that HAARP is rarely actually transmitting.

But I would go blue in the face long before I could describe even a fraction of all the bizarre fears about HAARP trumpeted on the Internet. By now I've learned there's no hope of changing the minds of some people who have latched onto the idea that global domination is as easy as the erection of what amounts to little more than 180 cell phone towers — if destroying another country was this trivial, you'd think America's enemies would have done it to us long ago. DARPA has its hand in many research projects, like robotics and the Grand Challenge autonomous vehicle races, all of which have civilian as well as military applications and all of which represent good science. When you hear the assumption that just because DARPA funds something it must automatically be an evil superweapon, you have good reason to be skeptical.

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Guest Tomorrow: Dr. Patrick Heron

Please join us for Dr. Patrick Heron talking about his new E-Book which is now a paperback and is an audio book besides being an e-Book for Kindle, THE RETURN OF THE ANTICHRIST And The New World Order. Many believe we are now living Last Days.
 Because of this, speculation is mounting as to who the Antichrist might be?
This evil leader who is to come and plunge the world into a bloody Apocalypse.
 From Caesar to Nero and the early Popes, and more recently Stalin and Hitler and now Obama, all have been labelled as He.
However all of these speculators and commentators have one thing in common.
They are what I like to calll wrong. For the name of the Antichrist, his present abode,
and when he will emerge onto the world-stage, is all hidden in plain sight in the text of the Book of Revelation.

The word 'antichrist' appears only twice in the whole of scripture;
in John's first epistle. The definite article 'the' accompanies it only once.
So the words 'the Antichrist' are only found once in all of the Bible.
He does have other names such as 'son of perdition' and 'the lawless one,
but these are merely nominal. The reason there is so much confusion over
his identity and activities is because most of the commentators and writers
on this topic fail to go to the one source we can trust above all else for answers:
Holy Writ. And to be honest many supposed "experts" regurgitate each other's bad research.
And most have nothing to do with anything that is found in the bible.

In the Book of Revelation, this man is never referred to as the Antichrist.
In this book he is called by one name and one name only; 'the Beast from the Abyss.
How many times is he described as the Beast from the Abyss in Revelation?
No less than thirty five times. That is correct. Thirty five. In fact to give
him his full title he is called, 'the Beast who ascends from the Abyss having
seven heads and ten horns.' How often have prophecy teachers and End Times
writers called him by this title and explained its meaning? Practically none.
But this is about to change.

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